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Welcome to Yard Life Master.

There’s nothing better than watching your kids play in the backyard. The backyard is also ideal for organizing parties and entertainment activities. 

The backyard is an integral part of your home. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to spend more time in this area. 

These criteria need your attention, from the design, the tree type, and the lawn to the floor tile. And if you have no idea about the outdoor space, our website is a place worth checking out. 

Our Mission 

You will find the best tips for designing and arranging your backyard at this site. 

Our experts in design and gardening are always up to date with the latest design trends, giving helpful advice. 

You can find detailed tutorials on designing an outdoor swimming pool or paving your patio with brightly colored tiles. 

The site also presents the fundamentals of design and color schemes in an easy-to-understand manner, ensuring you can apply them to your backyard.

With our sharing, you become an expert in backyard design. In addition, our team strives to find unique pieces of equipment that can adorn the backyard. 

Whether looking for the best grass or the right tile for your yard, my team has suitable suggestions. All reviews on the site come from leading experts, ensuring usefulness and objectivity. You certainly won’t regret choosing to trust us. 

With the helpful evaluation information that we bring, you will have abundant inspiration and diverse options to be able to DIY your outdoor space. 

Contact us 

To become the leading website in the field of consulting and providing information about the backyard, we always try to listen to readers’ shares, questions, and suggestions. If you have any questions, you want to be solved or experiences you want to share with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team

Behind a series of helpful advice and experience-sharing articles on yardlifemaster.com is a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of backyard design and construction. 

  • Beth Murton, founder

For over twenty years, Beth Murton has worked as an editor for home and garden-related newspapers. After years of working on such a broad topic, she has shifted her focus to the backyard. 

She spends a lot of time designing and decorating the backyard with flowers, lights, chairs, etc. She has created an outdoor living room right in her deep yard. 

After that success, Beth Murton was inspired to create yardlifemaster.com, a website where she and like-minded people share how to make the most of backyard space, an essential part of any home.

  • James Lopez, editorial director

James Lopez is a lifestyle journalist. 

In addition to working as a journalist, he also takes courses in landscape design. He is pretty focused on the outdoor space, especially the backyard. 

  • Garry Coward-Williams, editor

He is an architect with more than ten years of experience in interior and exterior design. In addition to his passion for design, he has a particular interest in gardening.

He’s always happy to share with his readers his growing knowledge so you can beautify your backyard with grass, flowers, and trees.