Should I Cover Patio Furniture When It Rains? (A Useful Advice)

Should I Cover Patio Furniture When It Rains

The patio is an ideal place to throw BBQ parties and enjoy the fresh air on beautiful sunny days.

If you’re like me, your patio must be filled up with furniture, from the lounges, chairs, and dining table to the grill. 

Yet, rain is the enemy for any patio owner, which lurks to damage your furniture even in the summer months. Should I cover the patio furniture when it rains

Should you just leave them there, or implement protection measures? Follow the sections below, and I will give you the answer. 

Should I Cover Patio Furniture When It Rains?

Yes. Covering the patio furniture is essential to protect them from the harsh rainfall. The moisture and rainwater can quickly damage your patio objects. 

Many people think that patio furniture doesn’t need any protection since they are designed to be put outdoors.

This belief is just partly true as this furniture can resist the temperature, water, and moisture in the air very well. 

However, when exposed to harsh environmental impacts, especially rain, patio furniture made of wood or metal will degrade in quality very fast. At one point, they will lose their original shape or even break down. 

After one or two rainy days, the water-resistant pieces can retain their glossy beauty without any signs of damage. But over the long run, you’ll notice that the stains and cracks start to appear on the wooden pieces. 

Meanwhile, high-quality metal (including aluminum and steel) can get rusty when contacting water too many times. Wet conditions also enhance the development of molds and small insects that can damage your furniture. 

Another reason to shelter or cover the patio pieces is to make them ready for usage. What if you throw a BBQ party and invite guests to the house, but the furniture ends up getting wet after the rain?

No one wants to sit on a wet chair or use a table filled with water. For these reasons, you should form the habit of sheltering or protecting your patio furniture when heavy rain is coming.

Do You Need To Cover Outdoor Furniture In The Summer?

It’s necessary that you protect the outdoor patio furniture from the rain or cold winter months.

The same practice should be applied to the summer, especially on burning hot days with aggressive sunlight. 

Contrary to many people’s belief, the hot summer days actually have more moisture in the air than the dry winter.

This high humidity level will slowly deteriorate the patio furniture’s surface. 

The wooden pieces will slowly wear down, while the metallic objects will get rusty and lose their attractive appearance.

High humidity creates a perfect environment for mold to eat up your furniture.

Another harmful factor to your patio furniture is the natural sunlight. The UV rays in natural sunlight can slowly fade away the glossy surface and color of the patio furniture, making them look less attractive over time. 

Last but not least, the sunlight will increase the heat on the furniture’s surface. 

You surely don’t want to sit on a burning hot chair or put your hand on a table after leaving it outdoors for many hours.

When To Cover Outdoor Furniture?

Moisture, sunlight, snow, or rain can damage your patio furniture. But it is only when you leave the pieces unprotected for the long run. 

In the short term, these factors should not be a threat to the patio pieces. They can be used outdoors with an excellent capacity to resist environmental impacts.

Furthermore, what’s the point of not putting the patio furniture outdoors just because you want to retain its beauty?

The degrading process is unavoidable, but it may take years or decades to ruin the pieces if you protect them properly. 

In addition, not everyone’s house has enough space to store all these furniture pieces. Sheltering the patio furniture every time you don’t use them is also time-consuming and tiring. 

Therefore, it’s not necessary to cover the patio pieces all the time when they’re not in use. Here are some situations where protection is needed: 

  • Before a storm, heavy rain, or snowy weather.
  • During burning hot summer days with high humidity or freezing winter months.
  • When the humidity in the air is very high (usually in the early morning or after heavy rain).
  • When the surrounding environment is not ideal (small insects or dirt building up in the air).

How To Care For Outdoor Furniture?

You should give the patio furniture a little PVC, giving them higher protection and a more glossy appearance.

Also, don’t forget to brush the pieces often to keep them in clean condition. 

This practice will prevent dirt or debris from building up on the furniture’s surface and retain its beautiful appearance for longer.

If you accidentally spill a beverage or food onto the pieces’ surface, please clean the stain immediately. 

The marks and stains from drinks and food are tough to clean and can ruin the furniture’s color forever.

When the surrounding conditions are not ideal, the best way is to bring the furniture inside your house. 

Suppose the space inside your house is not large enough. In that case, you can set up picnic umbrellas or water-resistant fabric pieces to cover the furniture. 

However, ensure that you clean the furniture thoroughly before covering them. 

Check if their surface has any dirt or stain and water. Ensure that the patio pieces are completely dry. The fabric pieces will trap moisture and ruin your furniture even faster. 

Also, you should look for high-quality patio furniture pieces with high durability and a longer life cycle. There are times when you forget to cover the parts, and they will stay in fine condition. 

The protection measures are just temporary. No matter how careful you are, low-quality materials will quickly deteriorate.

How To Choose Durable Outdoor Furniture?

As mentioned above, the priority is choosing high-quality and durable materials.

Nowadays, there are numerous patio furniture manufacturers that provide premium products with excellent water resistance and durability. 

Here are some essentials you should prioritize when choosing an outdoor item. 

  • Water-resistance: Completely waterproof materials are not always the best choice since they are susceptible to mold due to low breathability. Just a medium waterproof capacity is sufficient. 
  • UV protection: Ensure to choose furniture with UV protection if you live in sunny areas with year-round aggressive sunlight. 
  • Breathability: Some furniture has breathable vents that help water evacuate and prevent mold from building up on the surface. 
  • Size: Ensure that the furniture’s size perfectly matches your backyard, delivering an aesthetic appearance. 
  • Cloth Backing: Some manufacturers attach a sheltering cloth to their products so you can protect them comfortably while not using the pieces.


Here is additional information relating to outdoor patio furniture that you’ll need. Follow the sections below and learn to protect your patio furniture better. 

Do you need to cover outdoor furniture?

Yes, you absolutely need to cover the outdoor furniture to protect them from rain, sunlight, and harsh temperatures. Without covering, the furniture will deteriorate in quality very fast and lose its aesthetic appearance. 

What Can Outdoor Furniture Be Left Outside In The Winter?

According to experts, special steel or aluminum materials can resist precipitation very well.

Therefore you should choose furniture made of these two materials to put on your patio throughout the winter months. 

Meanwhile, avoid putting plastic, metal, and wood in the winter because they will shrink and lose their original shapes.

How Do You Secure A Tarp Over Patio Furniture?

The tarp comes with a gourmet hole that you can use to tie them down on the furniture. Then, you can use the bungee cords or a rope to fasten your tarp. 

Start with putting the tarp over the item and wrap its side. Don’t forget to cinch the piece’s bottom to prevent moisture from contacting its surface. 

Can You Leave Wicker Furniture Outside In The Rain?

No, natural wicker is not rain-resistant, and it is very prone to water. So, you should never leave the wicker furniture outside in the rain, or it will get ruined. 

If you want to put the wicker furniture outdoors, ensure it is made of resin wicker. 

Is It Ok To Leave Patio Cushions Outside?

Yes, you can still leave the patio cushions outside, as they are designed for this condition. The patio cushions feature high durability and water resistance capacity. 

However, you better take them inside or cover the cushions in burning hot summer days, heavy rain, or snowy weather. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, covering the patio furniture is always advisable since the burning sun or heavy rain can easily damage the material and make them wear down. 

I hope the answer provided can satisfy you. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me via the comment section. Thank you for reading the post!

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